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What are the material options for custom wooden hangers?
Commonly used materials for wooden hangers include pine, cherry, walnut, etc. Different woods have different textures and colors. For example, pine is lighter and more affordable, while walnut is harder and darker, giving it an upscale feel. Durability, appearance, and budget should be considered when choosing wood.

What sizes and shapes are available for custom wooden hangers?
The size and shape should be chosen according to the type and size of the clothing. For example, heavy coats will benefit from wider, sturdier hangers, while shirts or lightweight items will benefit from standard-sized hangers. Some hangers are designed with special shapes, such as those with trouser or skirt racks, to better store specific types of clothing.

How functional are custom wooden hangers?
In addition to the basic function of hanging clothes, some wooden clothes hangers are designed with additional functions, such as trouser racks with clips, shirt racks with grooves (to prevent clothes from sliding off), swivel hooks, etc. These features can be selected based on individual needs and clothing type.

How durable are custom wood hangers?
Durability mainly depends on the type of wood and craftsmanship. Hangers made of hardwood are generally more durable, but also more expensive. At the same time, high-quality joints and coatings improve the hanger’s durability and resistance to moisture.

How environmentally friendly are custom wooden hangers?
It’s important to choose sustainably sourced woods and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Some manufacturers offer FSC-certified wood options, ensuring the wood is sourced sustainably and environmentally friendly.

What is the price range for custom wooden hangers?
Price depends on wood selected, dimensions, custom features and quantity. Usually, you can get better prices by ordering in large quantities. Hardwood materials and complex custom features may increase the cost.